Saturday, November 1, 2008

October 27th hunt

This past weekend I went to Oklahoma to my Nee-Naw's (that's my grandma...but we don't ever call her that. She's never been called....except for one time when I did it and she cried.) She has some beautiful land and I got to hunt with my 2 cousins and my uncle. My cousin is in the Navy and I don't really get to see him that much so this weekend was extra special. We bowhunted about 40 yards away from each other. He was in a stand, I was still hunting between two cedar trees. My younger cuz was in a pop-up blind on the other side of the ravine. My uncle was across the bank with his bow. We all had bow's except for my younger cousin who had a rifle. 3 Firsts for me: Hunting with someone else, hunting in western Oklahoma and hunting on the ground.
We all got in place by about 4pm. It was incredibly windy, and aobut 65 degrees. Alot of time while hunting you fully depend on your ears, especially when it starts getting dark, and for what's behind you. My luck was down the drain this day. The wind was howling so loud, the oil rigs were pumping making extra racket, and the cows seemed to have a good time circling around me moo-ing to their hearts desire. Very early into the hunt I thought it would be worth it to just get up and get out since there was no chance I was going to get a shot at any deer. However, I figured my movement would ruin the hunt for everyone I stayed put until dark unless someone else shot something and needed help tracking. About 7:30 I came out of my stand because I saw the pick-up lights come on. I started packing up and heading up the bank of the ravine. And that's when I saw all three of them. Uncle G, JL & JD. Apparently, my cousin who was 40 yards away from me shot a doe, then, turned around and shot a buck. Darned my luck! How could I have never known all that took place? They had been searching for the buck for an hour and half. He shot the first doe at about 4:35! He's always shown me up...but it's okay this time. Because that day is a day I will cherish forever...and the day after when we spent 4 hours crawling through rough thicket, searching for the buck by the blood trail he left for us...Just my cousin and I. Hopefully, this will be a new tradition in our family. Because I love it way too much.
Thanks for Sunday Uncle G, JL & JD.
Thanks for Monday in the pasture cousin J. Love ya.

By the way, we never found that darned buck. But to J's credit...he shot the arrow completely behind himself and it was the first thing he'd ever shot with his bow. Way to go.

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