Monday, October 20, 2008

October 13th Hunt

I went to the river stand at about 5pm. It was windy (30-40 mph) and about 71 degrees. The wind died down at sundown and I never saw a thing. I never even heard anything. Although a squirrel quite content with himself kept me company. Other than that, it was a pretty uneventful evening. But no matter, I enjoyed myself immensely as always. Jason didn't tell me he moved our trail camera by our field stand. There were 75 pictures on there. I know there's at least 4 bucks and many doe. Here's a few pictures of whats out there.
Got whiskers?


A fox is always cool.
And....anyone want to turkey hunt? I spooked some up last night as I was headed out.

So, obviously I'm takin' a rest on the river stand and focusing on this area for awhile.

Anyways, on my way out it was super dark and like I said, Jason didn't tell me he moved the trail camera. Well, apparently I parked the 4-wheeler right in front of it and when I came back in the dark I had to load up with flashes in my face. All I could think was I have to get out of here, but I couldn't get it started because I couldn't get it into neutral.

Come on! Get in neutral before one more pic....

Isn't the Cuddeback Camera awesome. No other camera captures color and detail quite like this one. We took back the Stealth Cam because, well, it just sucked. These things aren't cheap people. Now I have proof I hunt. Anyone want to go with me sometime? I have a blind we can use. Just let me know!

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