Sunday, September 7, 2008


Deer Haven
Friday we went to Gander Mtn. and got the last few necessities to start off the season. I got new fletching put on my arrows and now they fly super fast. Might I add, they are pink and white! I also got a new quiver. I hate quivers, but you gotta have 'em! We sighted in our bows and made Saturday plans to set up our stands and scout a little. Scouting is an absolute must for a successful season. So, Saturday we printed out a satellite view of area and found the prime spots. Then we took the four-wheeler about one mile past the bean fields into the forest that follows Hickory creek and the Little Walnut River. We have 3 stands. One sits about 30 yards off the bank of the creek and looks over a clearing that leads to the 3 different paths the deer take. Scouting is helpful here because we were able to pick out the rubs and scrapes at the trees (which means a buck was there), and also deer dropping and prints. Along the deer paths we saw many areas where they bed....or as our neighbor calls it, a deer's bedroom. Our second stand is just south of the soybean field where they frequent for food. This spot will be great for a North wind day as we will be down wind from the deer coming into the field. Our third stand is right in the middle of the woods right over their path. We'll be sure to catch them coming from the river to bed down, or going from the bean field to the river. Money! Here's Jason, my hunk of husband putting up old stand (the first stand I ever climbed into with no ladder, just hard!)

MMMMM! MMMM GOOD! I'm pretty sure my hubby has the sexiest butt in the world. (I really was helping I promise!)Here's the creek, the money spot. Also a great fishing spot. A freind just caught a 44lb. catfish out of here. Soon, I will bowfish this place! And here's what J's sexy back looks like AFTER playing Tarzan in a high, wet tree. He works so hard for me. I don't know what I'd do with out him!

No, that's not his tail and he didn't poop himself, it's his stylin' fanny pack strap. (He keeps his tail hidden.)

After getting everything set, we went out to the edge of the bean field that faces our stands, climbed a tree, broke out the binoc's and glassed the area. I knew as soon as the sun started going down, we would spot one. Scouting is just as exciting as hunting. It pays off too. Because now, I know there's a buck out there. He came out from the trails right near the stands, wondered through the beans to catch some dinner, then wondered off back toward the creek. We didn't see any does though, they probably caught our scent from setting up earlier in the day. Today we dropped some corn and set up the trail cam and from here it's just wait 'til the season starts. Next we'll set up a ground blind on our back few acres for days when we only have an hour or two to hunt. I imagine the next part of this blog will have the pictures from the trail cameras, and the part after that will be talking about the arguments J and I have about who gets to hunt first. He'll have to fight me for it. Literally.

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