Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Deer cam: 2 bucks I went out just to scout on Monday evening in a blind. I just took binoculars and waited. The sun was just about gone when a deer appeared from around the bend by the bean field. Then another, and then the third. They were all bucks. One was independent, not yet ready to mess with the other two who were antler locked the entire 30 minutes I watched them. They were showing their dominance. The first buck was obviously the most dominant of the 3 but yet all of them were no more than 1 or 2 years old. Through the dark it was hard to tell how many points they all were. I think the biggest one was maybe a 6 point and the other two were little spikes.
After they romped around, fought and munched they walked with 5 yards of my deer blind.
I'll probably hold off on these guys until next year and the next year to let them get bigger. There's still the rut. I will patiently be waiting. I'll probably go out to the stand and actually hunt this weekend.

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