Friday, September 12, 2008


I'm chompin' at the bit. I want to get down to my river stand NOW but I can't because everything's under water. If I'd only known we'd get 12 inches of rain in 1 night I would have kept the trail camera at home for a few days. Now the only way to get to the stands from here is a 2 mile walk. CRAPOLA. Tomorrow, I'm determined. The water will be cresting but I'm dying to see what it looks like.
I'm almost flooded in as I'm surrounded by 3 rivers, all within less than a mile of my house on all sides. I put my lake shoes on and took Riverlyn on a hike through the water-covered roads to see one of the bridges that was overtaken with water. I imagine by tomorrow it will be washed down stream. The earth is comletely washed away from all sides and the river is STILL RISING. It has to quit raining before the rivers can crest and it won't even stop raining until after tomorrow, maybe tomorrow p.m.?
Anyways, my trial camera is probably completely under water and THAT SUCKS! If it's not under water by some chance, it's going to have some amazing pictures on it at least!

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