Monday, December 1, 2008

Dec 28: If you miss these trail pics, you miss out.

Goodness gracious. How much more can I possibly take. This totally fricken bites. I've hunting for the last 2 12 months and have seen, nor heard any action. The trail camera's tell a different story, which makes me feel like even more of a failure. We purposely have 4 stands and a ground blind so we're not in the same area all the time. However, I've really been addicted to the sight unseen at one specific area. I can't seem to make myself go anywhere else but the timber stand. The timber stand sets in the timber rather than on the edge. It's only about 40 or 50 yards from the bean field. The deer have their bedrooms between the field and the stand. There are fresh rubs all around. OOOOOHHHH how I love rubs. I have a strong desire to take it home with me, frame it on my wall and look at it everyday. Why would anyone love rubs like I do? I have no idea, but my infatuation with a rub and a scrape is out of this world. There's no description of how I feel inside when I find a scrape and rub...if only I could chunk it out of the earth and take it home with me......
Anyways, where was I? The timber stand. There's a dry creek bed immediately behind the tree I'm in and a bluff behind the creek bed. The deer trails come up over the bluff, down to the creek bed, they cross the creek, walk directly underneath the stand to the bean field. We put a trail camera and a food plot in the area just to see what was passing through. Out of 108 pictures in 6 days of these bad boys, you can see why I'm getting discouraged. These are what's luring us to the hunt. I hunted this area for 13 hours, frozen, hungry (that's my fault) and did I mention frozen and now sick because, once again, I didn't see a thing? Stupid bulls, I'm gonna get you. How can these guys be there all the time, and when I head out, they hide? As much deer pee and scent eliminator I have on me, and as quiet as I am, I don't know what's going on. I'm just glad I'm not the only one. Out of ALL of our bowhunting friends, I know of only one guy who has snagged his buck, and he's been doing this since he was old enough to pull a bow string. That makes me feel a little better. Maybe theire getting smarter, I don't know. Anyhow, here's what's making me miserable:

Let's fight.

Check out the width on this thing.

This one is amazing to me...a little...well...let's just say a necessary kill.

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