Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 1: Setting up this blog. I hope you enjoy the experience. Since opening day is not for a month and a half I won't have any hunts posted until then. (Also, I've read that archery season has been extended this year until Jan. 31 2009. Jackpot! However, I hope to have saawwweeeet pictures coming soon. We recently set up our trail camera and went back to check it at the Hickory Creek just a couple days later because the camera listed 53 pictures. Man, was I excited to see was out there. We eagerly downloaded the pictures and much to our amazement was...nothing. The wind blew some branches around the camera and it triggered the shots. In case you don't know what a trail camera is, it's a digital weatherproof "box" you strap to a tree. Usually, it's pointed at a food source or water source, somewhere you know deer will be frequenting. When there's movement in front of the camera, it triggers it to flash a picture and then stores it until you get to it. That's how you know your granddaddy rack is out there. There aren't a whole lot of pictures this time of year because the deer are still feeding in the crop fields. And, well, you just can't put up a trail cam in the middle of a corn field. When it gets cold, they'll be desperate and come looking for food and water. Occasionally, well, okay ALOT of the time you get some pics of 'coons and 'possums in the pictures just chillin' with the whitetails....sometimes those pictures can look really creepy! Racoons are freaky lookin' and opossums are well, just plain 'ole ugly.
So, step two will be tidying up the equipment, getting my doe tags and buck tag, and practicing shots with the new "Rage" brand broadheads. Attention hunters: check 'em out. You can use these broadheads to target practice and your shot will remain the same as opposed to switching out your target points from target practice to broadheads while hunting. I HAVEN'T TRIED THEM YET. But hopefully this weekend, I'll get to check 'em out. I think I'll do some scouting this week, and then in a couple weeks I'll actually go sit in the stand with my camera for awhile. I'm sure I'll get in a nice little dip in the creek too!
Step three: Prayer. Prayer for patience, Prayer for serenity, Prayer for thankfulness, Prayer for a husband willing to have equal time in the stand...dang I wish Riverlyn was old enough already! And Prayer for Day 1 to get here real fast.

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